What is a moot?

Moots provide a social and educational space for Pagans and people interested in paganism. Moots exist all over the UK.

Our group welcomes those who are curious and non-pagan, providing they respect our beliefs when attending any of our events. Our events are public, open to all but please check before bringing children as not all events are young child friendly.

Historically, a moot was a monthly meeting took place at a pub or meeting house so that Pagans, many of whom may have felt isolation at treading a lonely path, could meet for a drink and a chat with like-minded folk.

Lowestoft Sunrise moot has evolved to provide a monthly talk but also monthly practical workshops and occasional ritual celebrations. We also host meditation circles each month and weekly coffee moots at a local cafe (Coffee Heart, London Road North).

If you would like to know what events are coming up soon please see our “Events” page.  You are welcome to come and meet us at any of our gatherings.